It's an age-old debate: Nikon vs. Canon. People can, and will, argue all day long about who has superior image quality and who builds a better camera, but there is one argument never made by Nikon users that gives them a leg up...the lens cap.

I know, I know, it sounds stupid, but it was significant enough for me to write this little post. Nikon has center-pinch lens caps while Canon has outside pinch points. This seems trivial until you're trying to get the lens cap off with a lens hood attached and your fat fingers won't fit. Wake up Canon, you need to change this! Don't believe me? Notice the camera in the picture below is also a Canon camera. Told you!


I almost started buying Nikon lens caps, but then I discovered Sensei. Now, I buy a lens cap along with a UV filter whenever I purchase a new lens. They are very inexpensive ($4.50 for a 77mm cap) but add lots of ease of use. My only problem with Sensei is that the back of the cap is open to sand and dirt getting in. This is easily remedied with an occasional rinse.

Go ahead and laugh Canon users, but once you go center-pinch cap, you never go back!