I've started several blogs in the past, but I never really cared about the topic. It was generally created in hopes of increasing SEO value for the associated website. This time it's different. Though SEO is still an important aspect of what I'm doing, my main focus is going to be the topics for which I am passionate.


So far, this is the content I have come up with for the immediate future and I know it will only expand and grow from there.


I have a bit of a problem (read "addiction") with camera bags. I've already got several posts in the queue regarding the bags I've owned, the bags I currently have, and the bags that are on my list for the future. I'm not sure if it will help anyone, but it sure was therapeutic for me.


I love great stories! And because I love great stories, I am always trying to improve my own storytelling. I have lots of great material that deals with the art of storytelling and I'm very excited to share what I've learned and the people I feel are the innovators of this centuries old space.


I have analyzed creative learning for years and I have been left wanting in terms of principles and substance by which I can improve my own creativity. I'm hoping to change that for other people and share what I have started using as a foundation for creative thinking. This will be an experiment into my own mind and a test of my ability to convey thoughts through written words.


I'm fortunate in that I get to travel to some great places and make photographs. Not too often, but every now and then, I will share thoughts and images from a recent adventure. This may take shape as a behind the image type post, recounting the circumstances and effort that went into making a certain picture.

That's it so far. That's what I have and what I'm planning to share. I know that no one will be reading this out the gate, but I'm hoping to create some helpful interaction. Enjoy!