Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan

This whole industry movement from photographer to photographer/videographer has been overwhelming for me. I love the change, but I still wanted to maintain control of the editing process and final result. Because of that, I've had this looming mountain to climb in learning Adobe Premier Pro. Luckily, I found Larry Jordan on Creative Live.

I know I'll probably never edit an entire professional project myself, but knowing I can navigate the interface, perform rough cuts, execute on small personal projects, and export jobs to a professional helps me stay in control of my art.

I'm a huge fan of trial and error in the learning process, but often I try to start by using structured materials and coursework to learn the basics. Larry's class was great, entertaining and educational, and I walked away with pages of notes and a half-decent rough edit. The technical (codecs, file types, exporting) is not nearly as overwhelming as it was a month ago.


My only complaint is that the class moved a little slow. I know he was being thorough, but the delivery could have used fewer jokes and quicker content. Well worth the money and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!