Love him or hate him, he's consistent. Jared Polin (aka Fro Knows Photo) puts out photography reviews and information like he's trying to get into the Library of Congress. I'll admit, I haven't followed him much in the past, as I felt like he was explaining things from an introductory level. However, that all changed when I purchased his DSLR Video Guide.


The FroKNowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video

The FroKNowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video

Jared and fellow filmmaker Todd Wolfe make for a dynamic duo of teachers. The guide is light-hearted and informational and this made for an easy watch. The tips and teaching are easily consumed and all of the essentials are there. I have yet to put the skills into full practice, but I have a personal project or two in the works.

I consider myself an accomplished photographer. I have a good handle on the technical and artistic aspects of making photographs. However, once those pictures started becoming moving pictures, I was lost. I looked around (Creative Live, Workshops, etc.) for some basic information and instruction and I felt like the Fro Knows Photo Guide to DSLR Video had all of the basics in one place. It's a little spendy at $97, but not so spendy when you realize you get 6 hours of content at a fraction of the cost of other courses.

Some of the content wasn't needed, like shooting a music video, so I skipped over it. But most everything else I watched and took notes throughout. In the end, I have to say well done Jared and Todd! I can honestly say I will be referencing this information time and again as I expand my storytelling into new mediums.