For some, there is a lot of controversy surrounding hunting. I can't say I've done too much of it, but I do enjoy spending the time outside with great people. Even the little bit of bird hunting that I've done has given me more respect for those who make hunting an integral part of their outdoor enjoyment. One of the guys out there that's doing it right is Donny Vincent. If you don't know who he is go check out his website or watch one of his films. I'm impressed at the locations from which he and his team have brought back incredible film footage.


Spent a good part of last weekend running a canyon through Zion National Park. If you've never been, it should make the bucket list!

Nate, the leader of the pack.

We made it a quick trip, down and back in 24 hours, but there was no shortage of fun. The hike in to the Left Fork of North Creek (Das Boot) is pretty easy and unbelievably beautiful. We caught the scenic portion of the trail right as the sun was cresting over the hill. First light was perfect, but unfortunately I don't have any images from that portion of the trip (more on that later).

Heidi and Blake taking the icy plunge.

Scott on rappel.

When we arrived at the first rappel, we quickly changed into wetsuits and harnesses to better manage the cold canyon. After the icy baptism, we spent the better part of the day navigating down climbs, cliff jumping, and rappelling through scenery from another world. It's hard to describe these places and experiences, and crazier to think that less than 1% of Utah's population will get a chance to do what we did over the weekend.

The whole group in Das Boot. Front to Back: Heidi, Scott, Blake, Rich and Nate.

Moving on. Every bit of sunshine was heartily welcomed as our feet were frozen stumps lacking any and all dexterity. When swimming, it was hard to put your hands in the water because of the low temperatures. I was recently in San Diego and swam off the beach nearly every day without a wetsuit and that was cold, but this was freezing!

Rich, Scott and Blake above the Subway.

Now for the bad news. I had a dry bag fail on me and my camera and lens took a bath. Luckily, I had my point-and-shoot with me in a waterproof housing so I still salvaged some images from the trip. Insurance will take care of the rest.

Heidi, Scott, Blake and Rich in the Subway.

The whole trip was incredible with great people! I think I'll be doing this whole trip again in the not too distant future.

The whole gang! Left to Right: Nate, Rich (front), Blake, Scott and Heidi.


I'm an avid fan of outdoor films. They inspire me to get outside, have some fun in the mountains around me, and make some great pictures!


It's February, and for me that means that the Banff Mountain Film Festival Tour is almost here. Every year I attend this event when it comes to town, and as of today it's only a couple of weeks out. In realizing this, I've found I have a long list of excellent outdoor films that I draw on for inspiration. I'll start sharing these for a little weekend love and hopefully some needed weekend motivation.


This weeks weekend motivator comes from The Astray. This film has it all: exceptional cinematography, a great narrative, an awesome accent, an excellent audio track choice, and stellar color processing. It's won numerous awards and always gets me juiced to go out and have some fun. Bon weekend!

Dark Side of the Lens | the Astray