It's been a couple of years since I took this trip, but it was such a great trip I keep going back to it mentally.

Joe and Jordan just below Dead Horse Lake.

Joe and some high mountain lakes.

Joe takes a glacial bath.

There were six of us total and we spent a full three days backpacking and fly-fishing all through Buck's Pasture and Dead Horse Lake. Of course I dragged along my camera to document some of the better moments.

Spencer's wrecked feet.

Joe and Walter around 12,500 feet.

With Spring runoff saturating the trail, our feet stayed wet for the full three days. I think we went through an entire roll of medical tape trying to doctor blisters. Outside of that, it was mostly high living and there wasn't much suffering. The food was great (fresh caught trout) and we saw some of the most amazing scenery that only a handful of people get to see in a given year. We spooked small groups of elk and hiked over barren mountain passes to access some of the most pristine mountain lakes. All of the larger lakes in the area are stocked with tiger trout by government plane.

Freshly cleaned Tiger trout.

Walter on the "trail."

Walter seasons up our dinner.

There was still snow in the higher elevations and two from our group decided to strip down and enjoy the glacial lakes.

Dead Horse Lake

Overall it was an incredible trip, one that I would happily do again!