Photography Education



Photography education is important to me. I consume large quantities of books, PDF’s, videos, blog posts, and other materials in hopes of improving as a person, businessman, and photographer. Because of this large informational diet, I feel there may be a value in my opinion surrounding some of these materials and it’s my hope to share my thoughts here and hopefully help in some way.


Let’s take a quick look at Corey Rich’s Creative Live class: Storytelling on Location. This class addresses shooting stills and video for a commercial client while on location.

Corey Rich

Corey Rich

I bought this class ($129) because I really enjoy Corey and his teaching style. I’ve watched most of the videos he’s put out online and I will be attending his Summit Series Adventure Workshop later this year in Jackson Hole (full review to follow). I’ve followed his career because I enjoy his mix of adventure and climbing with commercial clients and personal projects and because he’s a storyteller and teacher at heart.

All of that being said, I felt like this class lacked the additional information that I seek when paying for educational content. A part of me feels like I paid for something I maybe could have pieced together for free from Corey’s other instructional videos. I did value the more complete story of Corey’s background and transition from stills into stills and video. I also enjoyed the added adventure stories and workflow insights on producing quality photography and videography in remote locations.

The mock shoot is a great means of instruction. It would be very helpful for people first working with clients and/or learning more about production and project improvising. I think this section of the course could be improved with additional content about working with Art Directors and clients as well as some basic information on pricing and business practices.


Overall, I learned a few valuable things and I have re-watched the class in pieces several times. My hope is for Corey to put out a class on rope work for adventure photographers. I'd buy that one in a heartbeat! For what it is worth, I think the Storytelling on Location class is educational and informative, but I also think it is a little over-priced.