Every year my family and I find our way South to the Redneck Riviera. The beaches along Florida's panhandle have beautiful white sandy beaches and clear blue water. It's a beautiful place and some of the images I've brought back over the years have been stunning! Last year, I spent most morning on the beach for the sunrise and was often joined by fishermen and waterfowl. I was especially intrigued (and followed) by the herons along the shore. The following are some of the images I brought back with me from my latest trip.

Sunrise over the dunes.

Hauling a casting net during sunrise.

Sebastian and the Catch of the Day.

Colorful sunrise reflected in a moving wave.

Heron's in flight.

Father and son wielding a bait net.

Beach houses reflected in the tide pool.

What's in the mystery bucket?

Tackle box and a couple of fisherman.

Beach cast.

A pair of herons in the surf.

Detail shot of a heron.

Sebastian hauling the casting net to the tide pool.