I grew up sailing and loving to sail, so ten days aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean was always an amazing adventure! I had made the trek South from my native Texas to the British Virgin Islands a half dozen times or so in my life, but this trip was different: different time of year, different group, different charter company.

Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke


We spent several days exploring other islands and enjoying things I had never experienced. However, no sailing trip through the West Indies would be complete without spending a night at Jost Van Dyke. There’s Christine's, a quaint little bakery with amazing banana bread, Foxy's, a popular restaurant with live music and good food, and JVD's, a small store that serves homemade mango ice cream. We anchored in White Bay and after balking at the price of a cab ride for four people to the neighboring Great Harbour, we opted for the equally expensive car rental and spent the next 24 hours exploring every corner of the island. 

Sailboat Crossing from Tortola to White Bay.

Anchored sailboat.


With no place to be at any particular time, we embraced the island time lifestyle and meandered our way around and over the island. We stopped at the Bubbly Pools where the surf comes in and makes a natural, ocean temperature, hot tub. We had great food and visited the tiny local shops filled with signature clothes and accessories made of bright colors. The view from top of the island made the trip for me. All of the included pictures were made from the same spot at different times with beautiful storm clouds rolling through. Enjoy!

Road across Jost Van Dyke.